27 February 2015

Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for the many ways in which You touch our hearts as we pray the Stations of the Cross.

On Praying the Stations of the Cross During Lent

"The Stations of the Cross are an ancient tradition in the Catholic Church going back to the fourth century when Christians went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

"Like many of our Catholic traditions, the Stations of the Cross can be rich, deep, and meaningful, but at the same time we can lose sight of their significance and how to relate them to our everyday lives."

In a recent commentary, Kevin Cotter (an active officer in FOCUS – the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) offered a number of reasons for praying the Stations of the Cross during Lent.

To access Kevin's complete post, please visit:

FOCUS Blog: Why Pray the Stations of the Cross? 8 Reasons from Pope Francis (25 FEB 15)

Reflection Starter from William Arthur Ward

"Three gifts we each can give today: a cheerful smile, an encouraging word, and a helping hand." - William Arthur Ward

26 February 2015

Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of the art placed in Your places of worship.

On the Color of Medieval Cathedrals

"For being the 'dark ages,' medieval Europeans were sure able to produce some of the world's most beautiful and intricate buildings ever made.

"It turns out they were even more beautiful than we knew."

A recent ChurchPOP post offers a look at how the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens, France, looked before the effects of age bleached its colors.

To access this post, please visit:

ChurchPOP: Wow! Medieval Cathedrals Used to Be Full of Brilliant Colors (23 FEB 15)

Reflection Starter from Psalm 138

"On the day I cried out, you answered; you strengthened my spirit." - Psalm 138:3

25 February 2015

Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for the graces You give us to turn ever more toward You.

Msgr. Pope on Choice and Consequences

"The themes of early Lent are pretty basic. The ashes of Ash Wednesday announce the simple truth that we are going to die and thereafter face judgment. Hence, we need to repent and come to believe the good news that only Jesus can save us.

"Another early reading from Thursday after Ash Wednesday featured Moses laying out the basic reality that all of us have a choice to make. He says to us,

     Today I have set before you life and prosperity, death and doom …
     I call heaven and earth today to witness against you:
     I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse (Dt 30:15, 20).

"So there it is, our choice: life or death, prosperity or doom. An old Latin expression says, Tertium non datur (no third way is given). We often like to think that we can plow some middle path. But in the matter of the last things, there is no middle path, no third way. Either we choose God and His kingdom, reflecting that choice in all of our smaller decisions, or we do not."

In a recent commentary, Monsignor Charles Pope (pastor of Holy Comforter-Saint Cyprian Parish, Washington, DC) reflected on the important choice we must make as we live our lives and on the consequences of this choice.

To access Msgr. Pope's complete post, please visit:

Msgr. Charles Pope: Choice and Consequences (23 FEB 15)