15 November 2018

Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of scientists who seek truth to understand Your created world

Richard Evans on His Return to the Church

"Many of you reading this are familiar with much of my journey and story. If you are, you likely know that I have had more than my share of struggles in my pursuit of Catholicism at her core. That core is chasing holiness. To quote the Baltimore Catechism, which I was raised on, in question 6 of the very 1st lesson: 'Why did God make you? God made me know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven.' Simple and obvious, right? Yet it seems to have somewhat eluded me for over 60 years. Or to be more honest I did much of the eluding, at least in large part. . . .

"Prayerfully and humbly I expect that to change going forward. You might ask, as I, in fact, do at times, why I should believe this time to be different. Yet prayerfully it is. In the past, my dalliances were with other forms of what I still considered to be 'catholic' Christianity. I would leave for 2-3 months and come repeatedly back. Then after more mind-bending and overthinking, I would step away again. This time though I was determined that nothing and no one would convince me otherwise, and I relied solely on the gift of reason, which is valid if used properly and not in a vacuum, to bring me forward. I stepped away for nearly a year, studying all types of alternative spiritualities, something I have been familiar with in the past but digging far deeper than before, and they made sense to me. Or at least to my brain. . .

"A few months ago, things came crashing, and in some very unexpected ways. For weeks or even months, I had repeated and vivid nightmares, 2-3 times weekly, about being back in the Church, or at very least being the devoted Christian I once had been. I would often awaken trembling and sensing such loss inside, missing the only place I had ever spiritually been at home - Christ and Rome. A few of those times I nearly came back to my senses upon waking but after a few moments of brushing the cobwebs away, I reasoned my way out of those dreams and rejected the message and warning behind them. In other words, upon awakening, the pursuit of holiness was not so much."

In a recent commentary, writer Richard G. Evans reflected on his return to the Catholic Church

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Catholic Stand: A Foolish Dreamer Awakens in the Church at Last (13 NOV 18)

Reflection Starter from St. Albert the Great

"Natural science does not consist in ratifying what others have said, but in seeking the causes of phenomena." - Saint Albert the Great (patron saint of scientists), whose memory the Church celebrates today (15 November)

14 November 2018

Guy Penrod and David Phelps: "It Is Well With My Soul"

As we continue to live this week, I offer this version of Guy Penrod and David Phelps presenting "It Is Well With My Soul":

Anthony Esolen on Life Lessons Learned from Classic Films

A recent essay by Professor Anthony Esolen, teaching fellow and writer in residence at Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts, Merrimack, New Hampshire, reflected on ways to bring the word of life to a dead culture by means of classic films.

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Crisis Magazine: Life Lessons Learned from Hollywood's Golden Age (30 OCT 18)

Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for inspirations to show gratitude in all areas of our lives.

Tom Hoopes on Praying and Fasting for the Abuse Crisis

"Feelings are raw with regard to the sex abuse crisis, and I am in no mood to fast for it. I will anyway. . . .

"I have spoken with many people who are too angry at the bishops to fast for them. I felt that way, too. But a friend of mine convinced me to relent. Here is how: 

"First, she said, we fast because the Church needs its credibility back.

"In August, when Pope Francis suggested Catholics fast and pray for the abuse crisis, I had a conversation with two friends about it.

"The first, a new dad, responded - understandably - 'no way.' . . .

"The other friend, a mother of four, was just as passionate.

"'I literally do not understand how a Christian could have that response,' she said. 'What do we think Jesus is doing except hanging on the cross making himself a willing victim for precisely these crimes? The Church's credibility is shot. Part of the Church's penance right now is to hang our heads and absorb the blows, out of love for the people punching.' 

"She said we fast because when the Church crucifies Christ anew, it needs to suffer with Christ anew."

In a recent commentary, Tom Hoopes (writer in residence at Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas) reflected on the importance of prayer and fasting for the Church during its current crisis.

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Reflection Starter from Eric Thomas

"Just because it don't look like a blessing, don't mean it ain't a blessing." - Eric Thomas