04 October 2021

Bishop Tobin on Not Unsubscribing from God

"I don't do much online shopping. I don't like it and I'm not very good at it. What I end up getting shipped to me always seems different than what I ordered. I much prefer to shop in person where I can better size-up the product I'm buying.

"One of the things I don't like about online shopping is that once the vendors get your email address, they go after you like a swarm of bees. Regularly - even daily - they send you ads to market something you really don't want or need. . . .

"Fortunately, the online shopping experience has an exit ramp and that's the little 'unsubscribe' button found at the bottom of the page. Although it’s there, it's pretty clear that the vendors really don’t want you to use it. . . . They first make it hard to unsubscribe, and then lay a guilt trip upon you if you do.

"It strikes me that in our contemporary society, lots of folks have unsubscribed from God. . . ."

In a recent commentary, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, of the Diocese of Providence (RI), reflected on how we
can't get close to God online, but must know Him and love Him in person..

To access Bishop Tobin's complete essay, please visit:

The Imitation of Christ: Don't Unsubscribe From God (30 SEP 21)

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