01 September 2021

Marcel LeJeune on Some Reasons Why People Have Stayed Catholic

"A Catholic entrepreneur recently told me that when a company starts to lose existing customers, many try to survey these lost customers to learn why they no left; and that he believes this is the wrong strategy. He said the better strategy is to ask why your most loyal customers continue to buy your products and then build on these strengths as well as the things that differentiate you.

"Then he said something profound - he believes the Catholic Church ought to apply this strategy to how we evangelize. We aren't going to 'fix' all our problems and magically make ourselves a more attractive religious option for modern people. There are too many issues and we have too little sway over the direction of a billion-person organization.

"But, we can do a better job of putting our strengths out front and helping average Catholics start to talk about them."

In a recent Catholic Missionary Disciples commentary, writer Marcel LeJeune reflected on some of the reasons why people have stayed in the Catholic Church.

To access the complete Catholic Missionary Disciples post, please visit:

Catholic Missionary Disciples: Why Have You Stayed Catholic? [Read The Crowdsourced Answers!]

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