08 September 2021

Philip Kosloski on the Eucharistic Adoration in Lugo, Spain

"The custom of perpetually adoring Jesus in the consecrated Eucharistic host has a long history in the Catholic Church, and some claim it all started in Lugo, Spain.

"For many centuries Christians were not able to reserve the Eucharist in their churches, as they were often persecuted and only kept enough hosts to deliver to the sick and homebound.

"However, after Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, permanent churches were built, as well as tabernacles to house the consecrated hosts. . . .

"In the Roman Rite, a tradition started to develop of exposing the Eucharistic host on the altar and inviting parishioners to stay there praying in shifts before Jesus.

"According to local legends and stories, the cathedral in Lugo, Spain, might have been one of the first churches ever to start such a custom. What is even more remarkable is that this custom continues to the present day."

In a recent commentary, writer Philip Kosloski reflected on the history of Eucharistic adoration in Lugo.

To access Mr. Kosloski's complete post, please visit:

Aleteia; Philip Kosloski: Eucharistic adoration in Spain started 1,500 years ago (7 SEP 21)

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