25 January 2022

On the Conversion of St. Paul and Other Catholic-related Topics

A number of articles/posts have recently been published on a variety of Catholic-related subjects worth considering.

To access some of these, please visit:

National Catholic Register: Blogs: John Grondelski: The Conversion of St. Paul (25 JAN 22)

Magis Center: The Reluctance Of Males To Become Men: Failure to Launch (13 JAN 22)

The Catholic Thing: Cultural or Intentional? (27 JUN 21)

Aleteia: Violeta Tejera: Carlo Acutis' first stained glass window in jeans and sneakers (31 JUL 21)

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Catholic Faith and Buried Treasure (3 JUL 21)

Knowing Is Doing: When you teach about Jesus Christ, be urgent (13 JUN 21)

Oblates of St. Francis de Sales" An Artist's Connection to Dorothy Day

Catholic News Service: Polish nuns killed by Soviet army as World War II ended showed courage (22 JUL 21)

National Poll Worker Recruitment Day

Today, 25 January, is being observed as National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, a national day of action established by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to encourage potential poll workers to sign up to Help America Vote.

For more information related to this initiative, please visit:

U.S. Election Assistance Commission: National Poll Worker Recruitment Day

Facebook: Help America Vote: Be a Poll Worker

Keith and Kristyn Getty: "Be Thou My Vision"

As we continue to live this week, I offer this version of Keith & Kristyn Getty presenting "Be Thou My Vision":



Shared on Twitter by Sister Mary Joseph, SSCJ, USA Vocation Director, Sister Servants Most Sacred Heart of Jesus:


Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord for the great love You have for each of us.

Br. Finbar Kantor, O.P., on St. Agnes and Our Being Always Known and Loved

"In the sanctuary of the Crypt Church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, hidden away from the sight of every pew, is a small side altar backed by a mosaic reredos of Saint Agnes. Above the image of the virgin martyr is a quote: Ecce venio ad Te, quem amavi, quem quaesivi, quem semper optavi. This quote by St. Agnes, taken from the account of her martyrdom, is translated in tonight's Magnificat antiphon as, 'I am coming to you whom I have loved, whom I have sought and always desired.'

"The most stirring word in this quote is semper. St. Agnes lived and died for the one whom she “'always desired.' . . ."

In a recent commentary, Brother Finbar Kantor, O.P., reflected on how God knows and loves each human being from the beginning of his life and continues to love him for eternity..

To access Br. Finbar's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: Always Known and Forever Loved (21 JAN 22) 

Reflection Starter from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"One of the great tragedies of life is that men seldom bridge the gulf between practice and profession, between doing and saying. . . . How often are our lives characterized by a high blood pressure of creeds and an anaemia of deeds!" - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (in Strength to Love)

24 January 2022

National School Choice Week 2022

This week, the week of 23-29 January, is being observed as National School Choice Week, a grassroots initiative designed to focus on the need for effective education options for all children, including increased access to great public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, virtual schools, private schools, and homeschooling.

Planned by a diverse and nonpartisan coalition of individuals and over 200 partner organizations, National School Choice Week includes a number of events and activities that highlight support for school choice programs and proposals.

For additional information about National School Choice Week, please visit:

National School Choice Week

Background information:

Facebook: School Choice Week

Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Instant Classic: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

It's time for some more barbershop harmony. Here is a presentation of a medley of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Instant Classic:


Thank You, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of the unity of the Eucharist.

Bishop Tobin on the Unity of the Eucharist

"In my nearly forty-nine years as a priest, I have celebrated Holy Mass thousands of times. And even though it has become a very familiar part of my routine, sometimes in saying Holy Mass new insights, or at least important reminders, come to me.

"That has happened recently as I've become more aware of the fact that every time I hold the host and say, 'This is my body' and hold the chalice and say 'This is the chalice of my blood,' I am united in a very real way to every other priest of the diocese who has said or will say those same words the same day. I am comforted by that awareness.

"The reality of Eucharistic unity goes beyond the priests of the diocese, however. . . ."

In a recent commentary, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, of the Diocese of Providence (RI), reflected on Eucharistic unity and its meaning for Catholics throughout the world and even its transcending time.

To access Bishop Tobin's complete essay, please visit: 

The Imitation of Christ: The Unity of the Eucharist (20 JAN 22)

Refelction Starter from St. Francis de Sales

"Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs." - Saint Francis de Sales, whose memory the Church celebrates today (24 January)