04 August 2017

On the Terra Sancta Museum in Jerusalem

"Tucked away behind a high stone wall in the Old City of Jerusalem lies a serene garden, two chapels and a Christian history museum few people know about.

"Hailed as the world's first museum to focus on the roots of Christianity and the preservation of Christian heritage and holy places here, the Terra Sancta Museum is located on the Via Dolorosa - the route that follows the sites of Jesus' passion.

"The museum is housed in the Monastery of the Flagellation, the second of the 14 Stations of the Cross. It stands beside the site of the ancient Antonia Tower built by King Herod the Great to honor Marc Antony, and destroyed by the Roman General Titus in the year 70, along with the nearby Jewish Temple.

"It was here, according to tradition, where Jesus was flogged by Roman soldiers under the direction of Pontius Pilate and began his journey to Calvary bearing the cross.

"The museum was founded by the Custody of the Holy Land, the Franciscan authority that safeguards the Catholic Church’s Holy Land properties and institutions. The Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, the faculty of Biblical Science and Archaeology of the Pontificia Universitas Antonianum in Rome, is responsible for the museum's collections and exhibitions."

A recent National Catholic Register article profiled the Terra Sancta Museum and its ministry.

To access the complete National Catholic Register report, please visit:

National Catholic Register: Jerusalem's Terra Sancta Museum Unearths Christian History (4 AUG 17)

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