10 February 2021

Fr. Patrick Briscoe, O.P., on Opening Ourselves to God's Continuing Presence

"[This past Sunday we heard] the dreary lament of Job who asks, 'Is not man's life on earth a drudgery? Are not his days those of hirelings?'

"So many of us are trying just to get through the pandemic. Many have struggled with employment, health scares, family crises and more. We've thought of the COVID-19 restrictions as measures to embrace for protection and obstacles to conquer.

"In our frustrations and fatigue, we are like the crowds searching for the Lord, as Simon attests to Jesus: 'Everyone is looking for you.' It has been a test; a challenge. And it is not passing quickly."

In a recent commentary, Father Patrick Briscoe, O.P., reflected on the continued presence of the Lord and on how we can find Him via interior silence.

To access Fr Patrick's complete post, please visit: 

Aleteia: Fr. Patrick Briscoe, OP: Yes, there is good news even in a life that is drudgery (7 FEB 21)

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