29 July 2020

Thomas Croteau, S.J., on Lessons from St. Martha

". . . Faced with tragedy, the Christian reaction is properly a mix of anger, sadness, and hope. The choices that have led to suffering provokes our anger, which is way Jeremiah and Jesus also reacted to injustice. Yet, as we turn to those who are suffering, hearts that have been sensitized by the Lord will feel the weight of sadness, of compassion for those who have been subjected to injustices. Sadness alone can often lead to despair and inaction. Fostering anger at injustice can lead to a forgetfulness of the humanity of those who committed injustices, and ultimately lead us ourselves to acts contrary to God's justice. . . ."

As the Church celebrates the memory of Saint Martha today, Thomas Croteau, S.J., reflected on the importance of turning to Jesus in a special way when we feel our hearts laden with sorrow and anger.

To access his complete post, please visit:

Magis Center for Catholic Spirituality: Memorial of St. Martha

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