23 January 2021

On One Welsh Priest Bringing Our Lord to Empty Streets

"In the summer of 2020, a solitary priest carried a monstrance containing the Sacred Host through deserted village streets in a remote part of Wales. It was a Corpus Christi procession like none other. 

"The priest who carried the Body of Christ to his parishioners during 2020's feast of Corpus Christi was Father Matt Roche-Saunders, who was ordained less than two years ago.  The [National Catholic Register] spoke to him Dec. 29, 2020, about why he decided to take the Eucharist to the empty streets amid the COVID-19 lockdown."

To access this National Catholic Register interview with Father Roche-Saunders, please visit:

National Catholic Register: How 1 Welsh Priest Brought Our Lord to Empty Streets (5 JAN 21)

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