25 September 2021

A Conversion Story

"I was baptized Christmas Eve 2001. I was six years old, and my family was very active in our local Baptist church in Largo, FL. We were members of a homeschooling co-op group in our church, so we were often there multiple times each week. At home and in our Sunday school class, the stories of Scripture were recounted to me, and I was taught to memorize important Bible verses. I developed a deep love of God’s Word and was instilled with a zeal for evangelism. I wanted to talk about Jesus with anyone who would listen.

I entered the public school system in fifth grade, and the following year my family moved to Tennessee, the 'buckle of the Bible Belt.' Two unfortunate and, these days, increasingly common things happened to me during middle school: I developed an addiction to pornography, and my parents got divorced. After that, my family stopped going to church, and I was very upset: I remember crying and wondering why we no longer went."

In a recent commentary, writer Jeff Shott reflected on his conversion story.

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The Coming Home Network: From Mocking Jesus to Worshipping Him (9 SEP 21)

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