21 September 2021

Br. Philip Nolan, O.P., on a Scriptural Solution to Spiritual Immaturity

". . .As adults, we hide our tendency to assume things about others under layers of complexity that we mistake for maturity. But biological maturity does not mean that we have come to full stature in the spiritual life. Very few of us have grown out of all such unjustified accusations. We might not proclaim these at the top of our lungs during Sunday Mass, but our confessions include words such as 'rash judgments' and 'uncharitable thoughts.'

"Tuning into the stream of our thoughts reveals all sorts of unjustified accusations, neediness, pride, and ugliness. . . ."

In a recent commentary, Brother Philip Nolan, O.P., reflected on ways we can use Scripture to pursue a life of truth and freedom before God.

To access Br. Philip's complete post, please visit: 

Dominicana: Talking Back: A Scriptural Solution to Spiritual Immaturity (20 SEP 21)

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