28 September 2021

Br. Bertrand Hebert, O.P., on What We Can Give

"Sometimes, the early Church seems so removed from the Church we experience now. Saint Peter, for example, was a disciple and a leader of disciples, 'a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ' (2 Pet 1:1). Disciple though he was, he was also a miracle worker. Here is the trouble: many of us continue to follow Christ like St. Peter - or at least try - so why aren't we seeing more miracles? Are we, then, supposed to give something else, something different than Peter's miracle? He gave healing instead of money, but what do we have that we can give?"

In a recent commentaryBrother Bertrand Hebert, O.P., reflected on our weaknesses and what we can give based on what we have been given.

To access Br. Bertrand's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: What Can We Give? (27 SEP 21)

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