27 December 2020

Angelo Stagnaro on the Blessing of Home Altars

"I was introduced to a magnificent custom when I was in Poland. The faithful there place an icon or crucifix in every room and they get their house blessed like clockwork.

"House blessings accomplish several things: First, they help to protect your home and family from evil influences. Second, they remind your family of the importance of God in their daily lives. And third, your parish priest can at least be assured of a good meal. (After all, you can't expect the man to schlep all the way to your house without feeding him.)"

In a recent commentary, writer Angelo Stagnaro reflected on family altars as a reflection that of our lives revolving around God.

To access Mr. Stagnaro's complete post, please visit:

National Catholic Register: Blogs: Angelo Stagnaro: Home Altars Put God in His Place (of Honor) (23 DEC 20)

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