15 December 2020

Br. Macarius Bunch, O.P., on a Compassionate Beatitude

"This past year, I was volunteering at a Catholic grade school weekly before the pandemic started. One of the things I was tasked with is helping some students memorize the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. I'm pretty sure the children memorized the Beatitudes much faster than I did.

"As an adult, I can't just run quickly through the Beatitudes in the same way that Catholic school children can. The Beatitudes prompt me to think about my life and ask questions. For example, when we look at the Beatitudes, we see that those who mourn and those who suffer persecution for righteousness are . . . blessed?  Why do the blessed mourn and suffer?"

In a recent commentary, Brother Macarius Bunch, O.P., reflected on how Jesus is the answer for why those who mourn and suffer are blessed.

To access Br. Macarius' complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: A Compassionate Beatitude (11 DEC 20)

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