28 December 2020

Cecilia Zinicola on an Altar Server in Training Teaching a Priest a Lesson

"When Fr. José Rodrigo López Cepeda had been ordained a priest for six months, his bishop sent him to exercise his ministry at the parish of the Shrine of St. Orosia, in Spain. Fr. José replaced a priest who had been the pastor there for nearly 30 years.

"At the beginning, it was not easy for the young priest, because the people were accustomed to their former long-term pastor and his way of doing things. Fr. José says that 'although the task was hard, it was fruitful, and it wouldn't have been so fruitful afterwards without the help of a little boy named Gabriel.' . . ."

In a recent commentary, writer Cecilia Zinicola reflected on how Gabriel gave his pastor "a new understanding of Christ's love."

To access Ms. Zinicola's complete post, please visit:

Aleteia: Cecilia Zinicola: A kiss from Jesus: An altar boy in training teaches a priest a lesson (25 DEC 20)

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