26 December 2020

Christmas Message from Pope Francis

"Pope Francis gave his traditional Christmas message and Blessing Urbi et Orbi (“To the City [of Rome] and the World”), offering words of hope and consolation, saying a birth is always a source of hope, and 'this Child, Jesus, was born "to us" . . . without any borders, privileges or exclusions.' . . .

"The Pope underscored that thanks to the Christ Child 'we can all call one another brothers and sisters' even as we hail from every continent, every language and culture, with our own identities and differences. He said this fundamental reality is something we can all build on to address the monumental challenges we are facing at this moment in history, such as the ecological crisis and serious economic and social imbalances worsened by the coronavirus pandemic."

To access a Vatican News Service report on the Pope's Christmas Message, please visit:

Vatican News: Pope at Urbi et Orbi: Christmas reminds us we are all united as brothers and sisters (25 DEC 20)

To access Pope Francis' complete Christmas message, please visit:

The Vatican: Francis: "Urbi et Orbi" - Christmas 2020

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