23 December 2020

John Clark on St. John Vianney and Confession

"The sacrament of Penance has become unpopular in recent decades. Pride, fear, embarrassment and the denial of sin itself keep many of the laity away. Simultaneously - especially considering its eternal ramifications - the topic of Confession rarely receives the attention it deserves from the pulpit. Throw in this year's COVID-19 restrictions, and you're looking at a world in which comparatively few Catholics have confessed their sins in many months.

"In this environment, especially during Advent and Christmas, we need to turn to St. John Vianney.

"The 'Curé of Ars' is not only the patron saint of parish priests, but he may be the greatest champion of the sacrament of Penance since its institution by Jesus. To defend that bold claim, we can begin by looking at raw numbers."

In a recent commentary, writer John Clark reflected on St. John Vianney and his advice to reluctant penitents.

To access Mr. Clark's complete post, please visit:

National Catholic Register: Blogs: John Clark: God Yearns to Forgive You in Confession, Says St. John Vianney (21 DEC 20)

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