17 February 2021

Br. Macarius Bunch, O.P., on the Joy of the Cross

"It was late. While walking past a large wooden crucifix mounted on the otherwise spare and stark white wall, I saw the gentle face of Jesus carved into the rough wood grain. His head was tilted slightly, and his eyes were closed as if he were resting peacefully. His bearded face was broken up by an expression of quiet joy as he hung there on the cross. I couldn't help but break into a joyful smile too.

"It had been an intensely challenging day in an intensely challenging week, but I felt joy when I looked at Christ on the cross."

In a recent commentary, Brother Macarius Bunch, O.P., reflected on the joy flowing from the "incomprehensibly great love of Christ as he poured out his lifeblood on the cross to redeem humanity."

To access Br. Macarius' complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: The Joy of the Cross (17 FEB 21)

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