24 February 2021

Michael Pakaluk on "Quo Vadis" and Our Lives

"By chance, I picked up Henryk Sienkewicz's novel Quo Vadis from the family bookshelf last week, when I was looking for a next book to read for enjoyment.  (How desperately we all need such reading now!)

"But it wasn't really by chance. I asked my guardian angel to guide me, as I often do, and nothing happens by chance anyway. Everything is under God's providence. So, I thought, I'll write something about this providential book.

"I confess that I chose it against my inclination because, well, it has sold tens of millions of copies; movies have been based on it; and my children have been assigned it in school.  Someone might think these are all good reasons to read it.  But my personal inclination runs against the common and obvious."

In a recent commentary, Dr. Michael Pakaluk, Professor of Philosophy at Catholic University of America, reflected on what the end of all our activity is and if it is leading us to or away from Christ.

To access Dr. Pakaluk’s complete essay, please visit:

The Catholic Thing: Michael Pakaluk: "Quo Vadis?" - Always a Good Question (2 FEB 21)

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