27 February 2021

On Doing Evangeliztion Right (Now)

"Will Catholics resume going to again Mass once states lift all the COVID-19 restrictions?  Or will the restrictions result in yet another decline in Mass attendance?

"Only God knows the answer to these questions.  But this does not mean we should just sit back and wait to see what happens.

"This past week, my parish held a group meeting for interested parishioners regarding next steps for our parish. It was evident that our new pastor did not want to take a wait and see approach regarding the future of the parish, post restrictions.

"Our pastor shared information from a recent survey regarding our parish's mission. The results included responses about what we love most about being Catholic and what already works in the parish. Our pastor also provided us with a list of questions he hoped we could collectively answer."

A recent post in Catholic Stand offered a reflection on some of the ways to reach-out to fallen away Catholics (with special emphasis on person invitations).

To access the complete post, please visit:

Catholic Stand: Do It, Do It Right, Do It Right Now (20 JAN 21)

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