19 October 2021

Br. Basil Burroughs, O.P., on Being Set of High

"Human beings delight in looking down from the heights. We trek up hills so that we can gaze at valleys below. We climb atop bell towers to look out over medieval towns. We fly thousands of feet in the air and peer down at mountains. Viewing things from above, we seek to satisfy a desire within us to know the 'bigger picture,' our place in a reality larger than ourselves. 

"Private space travel may soon offer us this sort of perspective from higher than ever before. . . . How might it compare with the perspective from on high that we receive from our faith?"

In a recent commentary, Brother Basil Burroughs, O.P., reflected on God, knowing  that we enjoy looking down from high places, "raises our intellect to a perspective more sublime than any we could get from mountains or the Moon."

To access Br. Basil's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: Set Me On High (18 OCT 21)

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