17 October 2021

Mary Marrocco on Words and Speaking the Sacred

"Having seen many performances of Shakespeare's play, I have heard many actors' interpretations of Hamlet's response to the seemingly innocent question: 'What do you read, my lord?'

"With dry irony, or with bitterness, weariness, humor or biting sarcasm, Hamlet replies: 'Words, words, words.' Like his author, Hamlet had reason to be fed up with words and reason to be entranced with them. So have we all.

"A dizzying variety of words is spit out at us regularly. How do we sort them out? Consider the difficulty of understanding the thought of one person you love and respect. What would it take to absorb and understand even a tiny fraction of all the thought that is thrown at us? . . .

"True words can reveal something, just as false words can deny something. When words are misused and truth relative, it produces in us an understandable anger that gets recycled as general anguish.

In a recent commentary, Catholic News Service columnist Mary Marrocco reflected on the importance of words in our lives and on the need to open ourselves to faith-related words.

To access Ms. Marrocco's complete essay, please visit:

Boston Pilot: Echoes: Mary Marrocco: Speak the sacred (8 OCT 21)

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