14 October 2021

On Claims re: History of the Church

"Perhaps you have found yourself in this sort of a situation: you are in a conversation that touches on Christianity, and at a certain point a historical Molotov cocktail is thrown into the middle of it, 'Yes, but what about the Crusades (or the Inquisition, or the trial of Galileo, or the imperialistic colonial missionaries, or the Renaissance popes with their mistresses and poisons)?' There you stand, stuttering, partly because such questions often have no applicability to the current conversation, partly because you do not know very much about any of these things, and partly because you are sure that the person tossing the cocktail does not know much about them, either. There seems to be nothing that can be said or done: it is simply a conversation stopper, which might have been the point of flinging the cocktail in the first place."

A recent Prime Matters article offered a look at how a number of common historical claims leveled against the Church fall flat because they fail to recognize what the Church claims to be and what it claims to offer.

To access the complete article, please visit:

Prime Matters: The Catholic Problem of History

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