26 October 2021

Br. Luke Mary Neitzke, O.P., on When God Approaches

"God drawing near to us can sometimes be a rather unpleasant experience. 

"The Old Testament is filled with stories of God visiting his chosen people or a particular prophet and not doing so very quietly. . . .

"The New Testament continues with this theme. While the disciples were on the Sea of Galilee without Christ, a great storm arose that battered against the boat. When they saw Christ drawing near them, they were not consoled at first. Instead, they grew even more afraid and believed that they were seeing a ghost. The disciples were afraid because they did not understand that God himself was drawing near them.

"These . . . stories all have two things in common: as God drew near to those he loved, chaos preceded him. But God was not in the chaos; he was in the peace that followed it."

In a recent commentary, Brother Luke Mary Neitzke, O.P., reflected on how, as God draws near to us, "it may seem like every part of our lives is being overturned, but this is because God is turning our hearts over to him."

To access Br. Luke Mary's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: When God Approaches… (25 OCT 21)

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