30 November 2020

Bishop Tobin on Turning Negative into Positive

"In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people around the globe have been tested for the virus. There are different kinds of tests and the time spent waiting for results varies a great deal. But one emotion all the patients have had was the hope to receive the good news that, 'the test results are negative.' In other words, they did not have the virus.

"Now, normally something negative is bad, right? You get turned down for a job, you fail an exam, you propose to your girlfriend and she says no. All bad news! But in these days of the plague, everything's been upside down. We've had to get used to the idea that something negative can be good; that something negative is actually positive!

"It seems to me that there's a lesson here for our spiritual lives. . . ."

In a recent commentary, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, of the Diocese of Providence (RI), reflected on some of the ways we can turn negative experiences into positive ones.

To access Bishop Tobin's complete essay, please visit: 

The Imitation of Christ: When Negative is Positive (27 NOV 20)

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