12 November 2020

Fr. Edward Ogden, OSFS, on Being Still and Living and Authentic Life

"We find a model of authenticity in the life and ministry of Jesus. Wherever he went, Jesus attracted people because there was something trustworthy about him, something in his manner and message that touched people's hearts. We are called to be authentic whatever our state in life. We need to know who we are and to be that perfectly well.  One way to achieve this goal is found in the 'power of purpose.'"

In a recent commentary, Fr. Edward Ogden, OSFS, Parochial Vicar of Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish, Glen Mills, PA, reflected on the role of being still in communing with God and in becoming centered, calm, and focused on our role in serving others..

To access his complete post, please visit:

De Sales Weekly: Salesian Reflection: Seeking Salesian Authenticity in Quiet Moments (12 NOV 20)

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