21 November 2020

John Clark on Healing Post-election America

"In his book 'Intellectuals,' Paul Johnson observes that one of the defining characteristics of insistently-hailed modern 'geniuses' like Karl Marx is that while they claimed to love humanity generally, they detested actual humans individually. Though Marx's lasting imprint is economic in nature - illustrated by the fact that the term 'Marxist' refers to an economic school of thought - nearly all of Marx's personal relationships were disastrous.

"In the American experience over the past four or eight or twelve years, it's worth wondering if people are becoming Marxist not in the economic sense of the term, but rather in the sense that Johnson broadly ascribes to intellectuals - that we are becoming people who claim to love humanity, but fail to love and befriend actual persons."

In a recent commentary, writer John Clark reflected on some of the ways we can begin the healing process in post-election America.

To access Mr. Clark's complete post, please visit:

Magis Center: John Clark: Healing Post-Election America (19 NOV 20)

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