11 November 2020

Br. Paul Marich, O.P., on the Virtuous Soldier

"Today's celebration of Veterans Day honors those who have served in our nation's armed forces. Those in the military undergo extensive training. Skills are developed, reflexes are tested, strength is challenged, and limits are stretched. In the end, the vigorous training prepares the soldier to face the enemy without fear, defending the homeland honorably. But, what is it that sustains the soldier at the core? Virtue. According to Saint Thomas Aquinas, virtue is 'a good quality of the mind in which we live righteously' (ST II-II, q. 55, a. 4, obj. 1). In St. Thomas's treatise on the virtues, he examines the four cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance, as well as several virtues that are associated or allied with the cardinal virtues. Among these are certain virtues that form the soldier for service. Developing such virtues makes the soldier serve valiantly and courageously."

In a recent commentary, Brother Paul Marich, O.P., reflected on the qualities of a virtuous soldier (who is also a faithful servant of God).

To access Br. Paul's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: The Virtuous Soldier (11 NOV 20)

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