25 November 2020

George Weigel on Thanksgiving and the Paradox of Death

"The juxtaposition of Thanksgiving with the Church's annual month of prayer for the dead hadn't previously struck me with force; that it did this year has something to do, I expect, with my late sister-in-law, Linda Bauer Weigel. Linda died in January after a heroic battle with ovarian cancer - a dreadful diagnosis she received just before Thanksgiving 2019. But she was determined that the rotation of family holiday get-togethers be maintained; it was her turn and my brother John's to host Thanksgiving dinner; and they did. Linda's exceptional courage transformed what could have been a grim day into a happy one."

In a recent commentary, George Weigel (columnist and Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, DC) reflected on how paradoxical formulas often illuminate important truths that would otherwise go unremarked. "That's surely the case with the paradox that death (as one theologian put it) is the only thing we really have to look forward to."

To access Mr. Weigel's complete post, please visit:

The Boston Pilot: Echoes: The Catholic Difference: Thanksgiving and the paradox of death (25 NOV 20)

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