08 December 2020

Br. Bernard Knapke, O.P., on Being Watchful

"Christ's first coming had a date. Probably between 6 and 4 B.C. He came during the reign of Caesar Augustus 'when Quirinius was governor of Syria' (Luke 2:1–2). Christ's second coming too will have a date. We can imagine: the year 5482? 3200? 2021? He came again in glory during the presidency of Mr. Heraldo Antichristo at the time of the founding of the United Federation of Galaxies. Or so it could one day be recorded were books themselves not to perish on that great day. Though we do not know when this day will come, we know that it will come. We profess this as a central truth of faith every Sunday: 'He will come again to judge the living and the dead.' This statement of belief is important, but something more is demanded of us while we wait."

In a recent commentary, Brother Bernard Knapke, O.P., reflected on the importance of being watchful as we await the second coming of Jesus.

To access Br. Bernard’s complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: Watch! (4 DEC 20)

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