09 February 2021

Br. Luke Mary Neitzke, O.P., on Catholics as Fishers of Men

". . . When Christ called Saint Peter to be his disciple, he was casting a net into the sea. As the first pope, St. Peter was a fisher of men. He became, in a sense, God's fishing tackle: like a net, he was cast over the whole world, so as to catch as many fish as possible. Christ has also called us Dominican friars to be fishers of men, and as an actual fisherman, I often ask myself, 'How am I supposed to catch these fish?' After all, there are more ways to fish than with just a net.

"The simplest kind of fishing is with a bobber and bait at the end of the line. I like to think of this kind of fishing as a good image for monks. . . . "

In a recent commentary, Brother Luke Mary Neitzke, O.P., reflected on how there are as many types of fishing as there are vocations and on how each person is called to be a "fisher of men.".

To access Br. Vincent Mary's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: Fishers of Men (8 FEB 21)

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