09 December 2020

David Mills on C. S. Lewis and How to Live Knowing We Will Die

"You don't expect an apologist to write much about dying and death. That's for the evangelist trying to close the sale. But the great apologist C. S. Lewis wrote surprisingly often about the death that awaits us all.

"Lewis wrote so much about death because he believed so strongly in the reality of Heaven and Hell, and wanted his readers to get to the first and not the second. Our final end is the real point of almost all his writing.

"The pandemic may make us think about a little more about our inevitable death than we usually do. And therefore about how we should live to be prepared for it. Here's where Lewis is so helpful. He saw clearly how the end of life tells us how to live."

In a recent commentary, David Mills, Senior Editor of The Stream, reflected on C. S. Lewis' writings, the choices we make through our lives, and their relationship to our final destination.

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