31 August 2021

Br. Bertrand Hebert, O.P., on Praying to a Generous King

"The maxim 'With great power comes great responsibility' has become a bland phrase. But it's still a truism, and that makes it, by definition, true - even if we divorce it from the world of Peter Parker. The proof is in the many examples of those with the power to rule. Some use their position open-handedly like Saint Louis of France, whom the Church celebrates today. Others selfishly clutch their authority with pride and fear. But no matter when and where we live, we have another King who transcends our earthly maxims: Jesus Christ. 

"The saints pray with conviction to Christ as their King. They know he will hear their supplications in his heavenly court, even when earthly kings refuse. Their confidence in this royal imagery informs their life of prayer. . . ."

In a recent commentaryBrother Bertrand Hebert, O.P., reflected on the generosity of Christ the King, a king who "gives generously to those who love and serve him" and whose "gifts are for his glory and our benefit."

To access Br. Bertrand's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: We Pray to a Generous King (25 AUG 21)

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