30 August 2021

Katie Gillio on St. Monica and Persistence

"Everyone was screaming. My oldest son was exhausted and cranky after a long day of kindergarten and wanted cookies instead of fruit for a snack. My toddler was furious that I would not let him continue to dump his milk on the couch. The baby was screaming after being awakened from his nap by his older brothers' cacophonies of outrage. Tears came to my eyes, and I did not know what to do.  

"Children are a blessing, and yet they can also be a challenge. As a young mom of three little boys, I found myself overwhelmed. Often I just didn’t know how to best handle a difficult situation. . . . 

"Surrounded by screaming children, I took a deep breath and announced that we were taking a walk around the block. Before long, my children were calm, and peace was restored. I mindlessly grabbed the mail upon our return home. Once everyone was settled, I flipped through the stack. Inside one envelope - and I have no idea where it had come from - were a few information cards about various saints.  Since my children were quiet for the moment, I began to read.

"And that is how I met St. Monica."

In a recent commentary, writer Katie Gillio, reflected on Saint Monica and the challenges she faced and on how this inspired her not to give up on the challenges in her own life..

To access Ms. Gillio's complete post, please visit: 

Aleteia: Katie Gillio: The mother and saint who taught me to never give up (27 AUG 21)

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