21 August 2021

On Research that Reflects Most Worries Are Not Well Founded

"Picking our kids up from school on time, our parents' health, bills that keep piling up on the living room table. . . . How many opportunities there are for concern, and how many times a day we catch ourselves thinking about things that can go wrong! 'What if . . .' always crosses our minds. But the chances that all those worries will never materialize is 91.4%.

"This was the result of a study conducted by researchers at the psychology department of the Pennsylvania State University. The scientists analyzed the worry reports of 29 patients with generalized anxiety disorder. Over the course of a month, these worries were monitored, and only 8.6% materialized."

A recent commentary offered a reflection on anxiety that is widespread in today's world and how most of these concerns will never actually happen.

To access Fr Patrick's complete post, please visit: 

Aleteia: Octavio Messias: Suffering from anxiety? Research suggests most of our worries aren't well founded (18 AUG 21)

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