10 August 2021

Fr. Robert Spitzer on Differences between Human and Artificial Intelligence

"Are computers the same as we are? In his article, “Evidence of the Transcendent Soul,” Fr. Robert Spitzer says they are not and explains four major differences between human and artificial intelligence: 

  1. The five transcendental desires, which manifest our awareness of perfect truth, love, justice/goodness, beauty and hope
  2. The formulation of conceptual ideas
  3. Self-consciousness, experiencing of experiencing, presence to self, and the experience of inwardness
  4. Transalgorithmic mathematical thinking

"Each will be discussed in turn."

In a recent commentary, Fr. Spitzer, President of the Magis Center, reflected on these differences between human and artificial intelligence.

To access Fr. Spitzer's complete post, please visit:

Magis Center: 4 Major Differences Between Human and Artificial Intelligence (22 JUN 21)

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