15 August 2021

Msgr. Pope on the Wooden Yoke and the Cross

"Monday of last week (18th Week of the year) there was a powerful passage from the Book of Jeremiah. It is practical, profound, and sweeping in its implications, and it comes to us from the Lord through the mouth of Jeremiah the Prophet:

By breaking a wooden yoke, you forge an iron yoke! (Jeremiah 28:13)

"Rather than looking at the historical meaning (i.e., that God was going to use Assyria to humble Israel), let's consider what it means for us today."

In a recent commentary, Monsignor Charles Pope (pastor of Holy Comforter-Saint Cyprian Parish, Washington, DC) reflected on the relationship of the wooden yoke to the cross and its real, practical, daily dimensions including exercising self-control and moderation.

To access Msgr. Pope's complete post, please visit:

Community in Mission: By Breaking a Wooden Yoke, You Forge an Iron Yoke! (10 AUG 21)

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