17 August 2021

Br. Charles Marie Rooney, O.P., on Knowledge and Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus

"We sometimes hear that Catholic doctrine constructs rigid, exclusionary abstractions that interfere with what really matters: a 'personal relationship' with Jesus Christ. This is a serious claim that merits serious attention. What, after all, makes for a personal relationship with anyone, let alone the Lord?

"Humans, first and foremost, are knowers and lovers. We want to know ourselves, the world around us, and above all, God, and we pursue in love the people and things we perceive to be good. This is what it is to be made in the imago Dei.

"Moreover, knowledge always precedes love. . . ."

In a recent commentary, Brother Charles Marie Rooney, O.P., reflected on the importance of knowing Jesus and His teaching as part of the process of having a personal relationship with Him.

To access Br. Charles Marie's complete post, please visit:

Dominicana: What Is a Personal Relationship? (13 AUG 21)

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